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Month: February 2023

Month: February 2023

San Valentin

Moon of Young Love by Roberto Rios, acrylic on canvas from the private collection of Eduardo and Moneta Rios Seventeen centuries after San Valentino of Turni‚Äôs death, we still celebrate his message of love across the World. In some Latin American countries, including Mexico and Ecuador, Valentine’s Day is a holiday to celebrate not only

Family Histories Workshop

We held the first of four Family Histories Workshops at the San Marcos Hispanic Cultural Center on February 4, 2023. Participants: standing from left-to-right Margie Villalpando, Irma Gaitan, Ovelia Mercado, our guest speaker was Gina Alba-Rogers from the Council for the Indigenous and Tejano Community, Adria Cruz Tabor, Gloria De Leon, Margarita Gutierrez, Shannon Fitzpatrick,