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BELatina article link

To celebrate the Hispanic month, BELatina, the digital magazine, published my interview under empowerment: Latina Author Adria Cruz Tabor is Reclaiming Latino History Through ‘Love’s Rebirth: A Tejana Story’

El Dorado Yellowed and patched up over several countries, the old map was held by six tacs on the wall behind the breakfast dining table. Ten year old Luisito sprinted from his chair and pointed out the Iberian Peninsula. “This is where those explorers came from,” running his finger along in the western direction and coming

HU: A song of love

HU (pronounced hue) is a mantra used throughout history. Fray Francisco teaches it in my novel “Love’s Rebirth.” Those who seek higher truth and consciousness may sing HU to reach higher awareness. A sight that talks about the history of HU is:…/04/sound-archetype-hu/ There is an interesting podcast interview with Rodney Jones as well: