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Love’s Rebirth: A Tejana Story

Love’s Rebirth is the story of a young woman with psychic abilities who grows up in a Texas Mexican town between 1830 and 1850. Ana Dolores Peregrino is only two years old when she loses her parents in an alleged Indian raid and is then raised by loving foster parents, who bring her from the ruins of her family hacienda to live in the small town of Santo Tomás. Our protagonist grows up watching and coping with the assimilation of her culture, her displaced language and unjust segregationist laws. Her spiritual guidance gives her the strength to retain her self autonomy, help her community, cope with loss and achieve contentment and love in her life. This book will instantly connect you with Ana and draw you into her world in such a way that you won’t want to put it down.




An unnational territory was born. A mixture of cultures, races, languages, and religions sometimes relating, sometimes segregating, met at that point in time. It could happen anywhere, as history often tells us. Taysha, which means “friend” in the Caddo tongue, was the name given to the territory. It was Tejas to the Tejanos or Texas to the Texians. Our story evolved there in the first half of the nineteenth century.

Somewhere in the southwest part of that vast territory was the ranch Hacienda Quinta del Norte, built by Hidalgo Rodolfo Alfonso González de la Fuente for his family. The most treasured member of his ménage was his granddaughter, Ana Dolores Peregrino González.


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