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San Valentin

Moon of Young Love by Roberto Rios, acrylic on canvas from the private collection of Eduardo and Moneta Rios

Seventeen centuries after San Valentino of Turni’s death, we still celebrate his message of love across the World. In some Latin American countries, including Mexico and Ecuador, Valentine’s Day is a holiday to celebrate not only romantic relationships, but the love that is shared between family and friends as well. They refer to February 14th as el dia del amor y la amistad.

The above painting — a beautiful image for Saint Valentine’s Day — is in exhibition at the Centro Cultural Hispano de San Marcos.  

San Marcos, Texas, celebrates Mind Window, the art of Roberto Rios, with exhibitions at The Price Center, San Marcos Art Center & Texas State Galleries. In Rios’s words: “I imagine the brain as having rooms, where images and dreams come to stay. There are doors to each room and in them there are windows. Opened windows invite imagination in, allowing us to dream. Through window of the mind life can change.”




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