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Creating Families Memoirs Workshop

Second Photo — Participants in back row: Elly Hengeveld, Margaret Gutierrez and Martin Rivera. Front row: Adria Tabor, Joleene Snider, Suzanne Baker, Yansi Arévalo and Edward Suarez. Sitting is Sharon Chiu and not in the picture is Sandra Davidson.

The fourth and last session of our Family Memoirs Workshops took place Saturday March 18th at the San Marcos Hispanic Cultural Center. There were ten attendees that morning.

Our guest speakers were authors Joleen Snider (Claiming Sunday) and Elly Hengeveld (The Maitland Concept of NMSK Physiotherapy). I joined them in sharing our process and suggestions on storytelling.

For the three previous sessions, we had four speakers from the genealogical societies: Gina Alba-Rogers from and Bobbie Garza from The Council for the Indigenous and Tejano Communities; Minnie Wilson from the Texas Genealogical Society of Austin; Carlos Castañeda and Clementina Garcia from The Bexareños of San Antonio. They showed how to do ancestral records research and properly record them.

Between 10 and 16 participants attended each session. All included, forty individuals benefited from the Family Memoirs Workshops.

We must extend our thanks to all participants and to the Cultural Center’s Coordinator, Yansi Arévalo, who made such an informative workshop possible.



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